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About T.D.

T.D. Patrick has always loved sci-fi.  Some of his earliest memories are waking up at 5am on Saturday mornings to watch the black-and-white Flash Gordon serials that were on t.v.

As he got older and had kids of his own, T.D. realized that there wasn't much kids' sci-fi out there that reminded him of the adventure serials he had watched as a kid:  Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Space 1999, Lost in Space...not to mention the big two: Star Wars and Star Trek!  So T.D. started to write a sci-fi story for his young daughters, which turned into First Contact!

T.D. is hard at work on the Terra Prime series now, hoping to have volumes 5-7 out before the middle of 2024.

T.D. lives in North Carolina with his wife and 2 daughters.  When he's not writing, he enjoys martial arts, juggling, superhero movies, and exploring the world with his girls.

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