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Book 4 is Almost Here!

Zack is almost back! The book writing process involves many factors, and some are outside of our control. We were hoping for a July release for The Caves of Plydor, but now it's looking like it will be on Amazon (hopefully) by mid-August. We are in the final editing stage, then the book goes to formatting. After that, we have to wait for our publisher to generate a proof copy and get that to us for final approval. These last steps take time and we can't always predict when each step will be completed. But, loyal Constellation Crew, I can pretty confidently say that book 4 will be available on Amazon by mid-August. We can't wait to get it into your hands and to start getting your feedback through our social media and through Amazon reviews. We're really proud of this one. I think it's the most intense Terra Prime Adventure yet! And it continues to focus strongly on bravery (facing your fears) and on the father-son bond. I hope you love it!

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